About Us

Calucy Industrial Ltd (est. 2005 ) is a textile manufacturing and trading (Import/Export ) company. We specialise in product design and production and our merchandise includes an extensive selection of apparel for multiple purposes. We only manufacture high quality garments and provide excellent service at competitive prices, as experienced by all of our customers. Our reputation for quality is passed onto all customers who are proud to sell our products.

In 2010 due to increased customer we established a factory in Shanghai to meet the needs of our expanding business. This has resulted in superior price placement and delivery costs to give the customer the best possible experience when dealing with us.

In 2011 we established the Shanghai Vision International Ltd which is an independent import and export branch of the business. This enables us to work more efficiently with our customers, hence we look forward to working closely with you in the future.


在2010年,应本公司发展的需要,在上海成立了服装的生产基地,这进一步提升了我们公司的产品的设计,质量和价格优势。在生产和销售一体的情况下,公司产品的订单数量,交期,价格以及服务等各方面都能够得到更好的发挥和体现,能够更好地服务于每一位客户以及每一个订单。 在2011年,公司成立了具有自主进出口权公司 – 上海文商国际贸易有限公司